About Us

Who We Are?

DTT is an international Cybersecurity board level advisory and executive search firm with offices in the USA and UK and a true global reach.

In addition to our operational team of experts, we retain a unique board of Cybersecurity advisors with expertise and experience in all fields and Cybersecurity disciplines. Our trusted and highly capable advisors provide their expertise in the provision of client consulting and recruitment projects. This model means we provide the best and widest experience in the industry to meet our clients every Cybersecurity need.

We recognise there is often an interdependence between Cybersecurity executive search and advisory services and provide either or both to ensure our clients achieve expert risk management and protection from Cybersecurity threats.

DTT delivers translative knowledge and creates clear understanding at board level. This is so our clients can pursue digital transformation and a successful Cybersecurity strategy that takes high-level commitment down through every business function to negate cyber risk throughout an organisation. Not only this, but we can identify and source executive staff that will achieve the Cybersecurity protection every business requires to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

Alister Wellesley

Digital Times Transformation

Matt Decker

Director | Advisory Services

Digital Times Transformation

Matt Decker is a seasoned second-generation entrepreneur who has worked with some of the brightest minds in technology consulting to build and scale recruiting and advisory solution groups.

Within his own firm SevenSource and others, Matt and his teams have advised and created opportunities for countless thought leaders across sales, operations and delivery for hundreds of firms throughout North America.

He has a passion for business and technology strategy and believes the creation of a superior business model combined with organizational excellence will create more success than hard work alone when applied to a beaten path.  Differentiation and value is key.

Matt spearheads DTT both Advisory Services and Interim Thought Leadership Practices.