Our Capabilities

Digital Times Transformation provides a wide range of services designed to develop and support your organization’s cyber security ecosystem. Whether you engage with us as an ongoing managed service or on a project-by-project basis, DTT can equip your company with all the resources you need to navigate the shifting technology landscape with confidence.
Proactive Crisis Support
Proactive Crisis Support provides companies with peace of mind and assurance that in the event of a cyber-related crisis, DTT and its team of advisors will work in lock-step and real-time to provide understanding, advice, and support to executives and Board Members. Included in the PCS plan:
•Provision of a dedicated advisor member to your organization
Initial three day on-site assessment and gap analysis
•Response within hours of an incident
On-site presence within 36 hours
•Priority access to our team
•Auto renewal annual contract paid on a monthly subscription basis
•Yearly three day consultation and assessment review
Consulting and Advisory Services
+ Cyber Security Gap Analysis
– Cyber Security Gap Analysis

A cyber security gap analysis identifies crucial vulnerabilities within your company’s risk management plan. By evaluating your company’s current operations, goals, compliance governance, and security team strength, our advisors can reveal and recommend solutions for the most pertinent threats facing your company today.

+ C-Suite Security Assessment
– C-Suite Security Assessment

Keeping your company’s executives up to date on cyber security is a crucial component of any comprehensive risk management plan. Our advisors can evaluate your C-Suite for security preparedness and understanding and, where necessary, recommend and arrange solutions for improvement.

+ Leadership Mentoring
– Leadership Mentoring

Some companies aren’t ready to hire a CSO or CISO. In such cases, our advisors can provide cyber security mentoring and coaching to C-Suite and senior-level management to ensure your security conversation is up to date across all levels of the company.

+ Independent Risk Assessment
– Independent Risk Assessment

An independent risk assessment and data protection analysis provides an unbiased opinion of your company’s risk management plan. Considering some governments now punish companies with poor security programs, independent risk assessments are more important than ever. DTT advisors can also be appointed to serve as board members, ensuring the company is getting a regular independent evaluation of its risk management plan.

+ Pre-Acquisition Analysis
– Pre-Acquisition Analysis

With an independent pre-acquisition analysis, DTT can determine the security strength of a business your company seeks to acquire. This invaluable information will help ensure the acquisition is a sound investment.

+ Cyber Security Strategic Planning
– Cyber Security Strategic Planning

Working with the CSO/CISO and/or CIO, we are able to help craft and devise a thourough cyber and risk management strategy plan for your company’s needs, providing the business a true understanding of where its most critical investments need to be made to minimize risk, whether this people people, process, technology, training or all of the above.

Recruitment Services
+ Retained Executive Search
– Retained Executive Search

DTT provides a retained executive search service that connects your company with industry-leading security professionals whose experience and expertise will match the specific needs of your program. Through the support of our Advisory Board, we have developed a truly unique verification process, which significantly reduces the risk of a ‘misfit’ hire and in turn saves your company from disruption and loss of investment.

+ Interim Executive Placement
– Interim Executive Placement

A cyber security gap analysis could reveal an immediate need for a specialized security executive. DTT can identify and facilitate the hiring of whichever kind of interim security executive is needed; ensuring your company stays safe while a more permanent candidate is found.

+ Leadership Assessment
– Leadership Assessment

DTT offers assessment services for candidates under consideration for executive- and senior management-level positions within your company. By receiving a comprehensive and independent assessment, your company can hire candidates more confidently knowing they’re able to execute and maintain a strong risk management plan.

+ Cyber Executive Profile Development
– Cyber Executive Profile Development

DTT can improve your hiring process by developing a professional profile that describes the exact skills and experience required in your company’s next cyber security executive. After our advisors analyze your company’s reporting structures, technology, and goals, you’ll be able to save resources over the long term by hiring a qualified candidate who fits your specific needs.