About Us
Digital Times Transformation is a modern cyber security consulting and advisory group that helps organizations face the complexity and challenges of today's cyber ecosystem.
DTT was created to address and resolve your risk management concerns. Whether your cyber security program needs a minor update or a complete overhaul, we can provide your company with the confidence it needs to navigate the technology of tomorrow using full discretion and respecting the sensitivity generated in these matters.

The core of our success lies within our Global Advisory Board. Our team of experts comprises some of the leading voices within this market sector. Their resumes boast positions and expertise developed within the most recognized and branded organizations in the world today.

This network was developed by Alister Wellesley throughout his extensive career as a corporate matchmaker. Of recent times, Wellesley observed that many companies hadn’t developed comprehensive security strategies to face the modern era, and that the digital revolution had left specialized security professionals in high demand and short supply.

Digital Times Transformation is powered by the belief it’s not if, but when, and falling behind simply isn’t an option.
Alister Wellesley
Digital Times Transformation